Paloma, 22. I'm from Brazil, Oi! 90% kristen stewart and 10% my heart

'The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun'


I’m taking some time off because I’ve been working for two years. I’m an actor and that’s my art form, and because I started that so young, I’ve always felt intimidated and insufficient when I think about other forms of art I want to create. I’m going to buy a live-work space in downtown L.A. and I’m going to make some [stuff] with my hands. Literally, I made that decision a few weeks ago. I’m also making a short film.

— Kristen Stewart | USA Today (October 2014)

As soon as I stopped trying to control everything that came out of my mouth, and every picture that came out, I felt happier.”

"I looked like a boy for a long time. Now, finally, I feel like a woman.”

"I have been asked a lot about growing up lately. One solid thing I can say is that fear is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s something that, as you get older, you can get a bit more comfortable with. Fear is a very motivating thing in life. You should not be crippled by it - use it instead."

I can’t be anyone but myself, man!”

"It's annoying that people think, 
'Oh, is this the role where she's going to show everyone how she's grown?'
I'm not trying to show anyone anything."

"I’m a naturally pretty shy person, which I’m cool with now. I used to think it was this affliction I had to overcome.”

People think I’m trying to be rebellious,but that’s the last thing I’m doing. I would hate myself if I tried to satisfy the people who have a problem with the way I speak about myself..❞ 

For some reason it pisses people off when I change after a red carpet. If I think about why people have these expectations of me it makes sense, but I genuinely think that if people thought about it for two seconds they’d be like, ‘Oh my god, why do I care that that girl just put some fucking sneakers on?’. Are you seriously mad that I put on some Vans after an hour of being in heels? I’m so sorry to have upset you, you crazy person.

I think it’s ridiculous that you need to look a certain way to be conventionally pretty.

"You’ve got to get comfortable with fear; nothing’s worth doing unless you’re a little bit scared. People call women the weaker sex - it’s crazy. You have to stand up to that and be ready for things to be hard and for things to be serious."