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What’s it like to feel the wrath of Kristen Stewart?

god hemsworth wins the gq man of the year award

She had a very strong sense of who her character was and a real sense of right and wrong with the story and how it should be, which is great. The worst thing is having someone who doesn’t have an opinion, who kind of floats along the boundaries of it all. - Chris Hemsworth


Thank you for everything, for your movies, for bringing smiles to our faces, for being the dorkiest dork in the entire world and for making fangirls squeal whenever you smile. We all love you! <3

Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth on the relationship between their characters in SWATH

  1. Kristen: There are too many elements being thrown at us to even consider ourselves. We'll wait. Plus, by the time they actually DO consider those things, we're pretty broken, messed up people.
  2. Chris: Yeah. Too sore... to have sex.

Chris playing with Thor and Bella dolls (x)